Adding name of writer at grading homework

meforever1990 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 2

Somethimes it is so difficult to know who wrote the homework. and if you want to personalise the feedback you have to know the name of the person who wrote the homework. So it would be nice if you sent in your homework your name automatically gets attached to it so the graders can see it.

There are many ways to personalise homework, none of which really include/depend on adding the person's name:

Well done Meforever1990 for your homework, you got Outstanding and did everything asked of you - keep it up!

Example 2:
I love your work, you're an amazing writer, I can't believe you were daring enough to actually steal sweets from the Headmistress (good thing CCTV doesn't work around magic :p)

One of these is obviously better: If you think the first one is, maybe you need to take a look at what you consider personalised, in the context of grading. Also, you don't need it? If someone is doing troll pieces of work, it just means that the whole site is privy to this sort of information instead of staying within staff or even just grad staff