Ability to gift AdFree to somebody else.

Anne 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 10 months ago 5

While we have the gifting for VIP, I think it's also a nice idea if there was an option to do this as well for AdFree. AdFree might not cost as much as VIP, but it can be difficult for some people to buy. Besides, it will probably only be a slight change in the system and it'll help a lot of people not getting annoyed by the ads (or by ads that just take over your screen ;-;). 

Yes! Younger people may not have the resources (such as myself), or struggle with income themselves and can't purchase AdFree/VIP themselves.


This would be wonderful! :D

Maybe also an option to gift people 180 days VIP would be nice? You can do it for yourself already, and if you really want to show appreciation to someone it would be easier than giving them 30 days 6 times :P