Celeste Malfoy 3 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 3 years ago 4

if some people can’t afford an add-free profile or a VIP profile, then maybe they could donate whatever they want instead. Also, if anyone wants to support World of Potter even further, they could donate while they have VIP! 

We used to have Go Fund Mes/other donation sites for each site (WoX), but they were removed ^^

Also to be honest, they may as well just buy more VIP if they are looking to donate (and if they cannot afford it, they may as well save money or use it on something else they can afford)


An alternative could be for the payments for VIP to be broken down into several smaller payments. 

What you are talking about is subscriptions, which VIP already kind of is

The issue with "donation pages" for already launched sites is that
a.) Instead of the owner of the sites handling the transactions, it is handled by the site's leader. Site leaders can be let go for different reasons and if this is not transferred over, obviously there can be a lot of issues there
b.) Prior to a site's launch, the donation page is used for the creation of the website. Once the site launches, that doesn't necessarily apply and the donation site may believe it goes against their ToS