Be able to gift 120 days of VIP to other users

Celeste Malfoy 3 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 3 years ago 6

I know that you can gift 30 days of VIP to other users, but why can't you gift 120 days? Maybe somebody wants to gift another user more time, but they don't want to pay for it twice. This way, you can choose how much VIP you gift.


Do you mean 180, as 120 would have to get a new price given to it (as it isn't as simple as multiplying since 180 days of VIP is not 30 days x 6 )

I'm suggesting 180 days from the amount of days that you could buy for yourself. On the American site, it gives you the option to buy 30 days of VIP and 180 days. I'm not sure about the other WoP sites though.

You suggested 120, that is why this was mentioned.

I meant 120! I was half asleep when I wrote this. XD

But then your point is incorrect

More options would be nice though :D