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Now that there are the other World of sites with their own color scheme, this takes away from each site having their own unique look.

If someone's PT colors doesn't work with the grey, they can change the colors they are using. 

Accounts across the sites aren't connected. This would be too large of an update just to transfer chocolate frog cards.

The updates will get around to all of the sites, just be patient :)

There are far too many users to regulate this, and it makes it unfair to users who would like to use that FC but joined the site after the staff member. It also would make things tricky if a user has a FC, but a staff member then decides to use that FC. It would be unfair to make the user change theirs. If you have a problem with someone else using the same FC as you, either change yours, ask the other user to change theirs (though don't get upset if they say no), or just live with it. 

Although this can be a good idea, who will choose who deserves a card and who doesn't? What happens if these users end up getting banned? It can easily also make staff members who do not receive a card feel left out or as though they do not matter, and make the ones who do receive one feel more superior to the other staff.

I don't think it is necessary to have a user friend a certain amount of people to be able to grade their friends' homework is necessary as it will make people either friend as many people as they can, or avoid friending people at all. It takes away from using the friend option to add those one is friends with and creating friendships with them.

I do agree however that being unable to grade friends' homework is quite a silly feature, because it promotes users to unadd their friends and it backs up the grading system. I believe this feature should be removed entirely. Theirs no good point behind it.

I don't think this is a particularly good idea. If a user puts an effort into their assignment, but the grader does not give them this "outstanding +", they will feel like they didn't do well enough and may feel discouraged.

This goes the other way too, if a user puts very little into a assignment, but the grader decides to give them an "outstanding +". They may start to think that receiving these is easy and no longer put effort into writing their assignments.

I think the grading system is just find the way it is and if you want to give them an extra compliment and let them know that you thought their homework was well done, you can state so in the written feedback. 

Although these are both great ideas, I suggest you post them as two seperate ideas. If one of the ideas in this post is declined, they both are, since they are a part of the same suggestion.

Unfortunately, it is a management option to delete certain posts, not a prefect option.

This could have easily been solved however, if the other users in the topic had been owled and notified beforehand about it and been asked if they wanted to delete the topic or not. If they did not, the prefect leader could have been contacted to remove the banned user from the topic.

This seems more like something that should be brought up with the prefect leader of your site, rather than idea for all of the sites overall, as I don't believe this is a recurring problem across the other sites. :)

Much excitement!!