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Users already may join your topic unexpectedly and if you would like to have some other kind of creature, you can just rp it into your topic. This isn't exactly necessary and if you really would like this to happen, I'm sure another user would love to join your topic to spice things up a bit.

-bg here said it perfectly. Your homework can be saved and you don't need to submit it until you're sure it's ready, so having a certain amount of time to edit it isn't needed. 

With the part about teachers and ATs having the final say in the grade, this will cause many problems. First of all, even with 3-4 ATs, that is a lot of homework that they will need to go through and the grading system will get vary clogged. Also, ATs and teachers can still give unfair grades and once an AT or a teacher grades the homework, you cannot send it a complaint. 

If there is any unfair grading, like -bg said, it can be sent in as a complaint and handled that way.

There is no reason for any of these things to be changed in the ways you suggested.

You made a really good point about the picture not being theres! It would be understandable if it were an actual picture of themselves or someone they know, but it's pictures of celebrities and other people found off the internet! Wouldn't make much sense to claim something that isn't theirs.

If you are having problems with a certain user or users, owl your headmaster about it so it can be handled. If they continue, the headmaster will decided their punishment. 

Grads can still get "student jobs" to get paid. If they want to have a job such as an auror or a shop owner, they can state that they have the job ingame.

I think what they are trying to say is it would say the specifics of the job. If you see a teacher in chat, yes, you know that they are a teacher, but you do not know what they teach. Same thing with management and assistant teachers. 

Sure, they can look at the user's profile or the job list, but it would be quicker if it were added to the hover profile and would help users who are fainted. 

I do agree that adjusting the length and making the requirement for the feedback a bit longer is a wonderful idea, but 50-100 words is far too long. For younger users or users who don't have the site's language as their first language and aren't fluent in it, this can be extremely hard for them to meet. 

There are also some short submissions for homework that can't spark feedback of 50-100 words. The user grading the homework would have to try to write about something that isn't there, and this is unfair if they've already covered everything needed in the feedback. 

I suggest perhaps 25-40 words, but definitely not 50-100.

I think this idea is a great idea! I just want to add in, in case this does get started, that it should only be a like button, no dislike button, just because it promotes others to share hate rather than positivity. 

I really think this should be added! It'll boost the writers self esteem and let them know people are reading their work, and it can help show which articles are more popular!

Another idea could be to have the info page also as a tab inside the club so that it can be viewable from inside the club. 

I know personally I would rather club on the club and go straight into it because it's less time consuming and on slower computers/laptops, club pages take ages to load. 

If you really would like to be able to see the info page, just made it an additional page inside your club. That way, the site doesn't have to be updated and all of the information is still viewable.