homework block

Kybjosh 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 6 years ago 3

basicly, you block people from making homework for whatever reason... as an AT it is very frustrating to have to keep giving somebody a troll and telling them copying is not allowed but they keep doing that. this would avoid all that from happening

Homework is one of the things that make WoP the fun place that it is. My only tip here is to have patience, blocking people from making homework would take away the biggest part of the site that's interactive with the HP universe and would greatly diminish the active users, not to mention the fun on the sites. Even if you have to explain it again and again until they understand that copying is not allowed, I don't think blocking is the right thing to do here. 

If you are having problems with a certain user or users, owl your headmaster about it so it can be handled. If they continue, the headmaster will decided their punishment.