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You can always write down what classes you're taking or simply click the class page to see which classes you are enrolled in.

You could solve this by making another account to go read the article instead or, as you mentioned, have someone from that house owl it to you.

An easy solution to this would be simply leaving your galleons in Gringotts in another tab until you find the store, then remove them and purchase your items. 

If you think that the teacher should add in where the item can be purchased, owl that teacher to see if they will add it. 

Buuuut, people can get more ideas if they read both ;) Doesn't hurt anyone if I paste the link here ~

I knew there was a post made before about this and here it is:

The idea has already been rejected by the site. Sorry loves.

But how do you choose which friends can and cannot grade the assignments then? I say that it should just be removed completely.

That would be quite unfair to the first person who won it though. If I put in all that effort to gain the status, I surely wouldn't be okay with someone then taking it from me. Especially if I base my backstory around it and use it often!

Please oh please can this be added. As both a columnist and CD, I have plenty of posts to make and there's nothing I hate more than being nearly done and accidently closing the tab or having the page crash, and when I bring it back up, all of my work is gone. 

Of course, the article could be saved on another site or in a Google doc, but when you transfer it, there are still things that need to be changed so it works with WoP coding.

This would be soooo helpful to everyone who posts articles!