Amendment of the "Friend Grading System"

Arcturus_Fellglow/Felix Meyer 7 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 6 years ago 4

This is an ongoing issue that has been about for awhile since the opening of WoP and we really need to do something about a very particular issue with the grading system here, that punishes active users who love to socialize and have many friends. Such users get really friendly and friend almost the entire active base of WoP users and that is great and all.

However when it comes to grading You are unable to grade a friends homework and therein is where the issue lies. Those who friend so many people and are consistently friend so many people take much longer for their homework to be graded and in many cases they aren't ever completed to be graded and is sent to "Ungraded Assignments". As An AT in the past I have seen dozens of cases where there pile up 5,6 or 7 assignments yet to be graded, and they are all from the same person(real life example included below) because no one can grade their work. Since it takes one week before the system sends them to the Grading Admin Tool,these are inconvenient for both the site, and the user.

A User had to wait 2 weeks before anything was graded, in addition and whats even worse, I've seen students post on their walls that they are deleting friends off their lists so their homework can actually be graded. 

This makes me sad, we shouldn't have to remove or delete friends to get homework graded and Teachers and AT's shouldn't have to sit there and grade 6 or 7 assignments from the same person on a consistent basis.

I suggest Amending the grading system so that a certain point once you reach a high enough number of friends, say 100, it no longer blocks you from grading your friends homework.It sort of 'unlocks' that feature because by then you'll have become an active member of the site and this could also be a reward of sorts, sure it doesn't help the lower activity users, though it won't effect them either way. This ends up being a rewarding system and hopefully can be implemented without further consequence. 


I agree, but not at a certain point. I think we should in any case be able to grade the homework of our friends and I sincerely have no clue why they ever included it otherwise.


I don't think it is necessary to have a user friend a certain amount of people to be able to grade their friends' homework is necessary as it will make people either friend as many people as they can, or avoid friending people at all. It takes away from using the friend option to add those one is friends with and creating friendships with them.

I do agree however that being unable to grade friends' homework is quite a silly feature, because it promotes users to unadd their friends and it backs up the grading system. I believe this feature should be removed entirely. Theirs no good point behind it.


Honestly a great idea. The feature is stupid and unneeded. What if I'm literally befriending every single person on the site? I'd have to wait for new users to reach level 3 or year 2 to grade my homework. Have a +1