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However if they add it as an item, they will add the item to all WoP sites.

No, it would look the same as you type it, but it is a substitute for an emoji.

As a solution for now, you could always comment on the person's wall or send them a PM telling them you like it!

Perhaps you moved them to the kennel?

I would suggest contacting Angela Blackbourn about this as she can help you further.

You can also click on the notification menu and then use the arrow keys to move through the notifications

Searching by status would be very useful for old sites whose status holders may no longer be very active, so new users can search to see who owns those items (and marvel in awe at their power :o).

Searching by the extra status (WoO, WoMH, WoNK, etc use this) would help search more in depth of users, for example, for specific species on WoNK and users of a specific godly parent on WoO.

This is true, however, it will only be helpful for the titles of books. Unfortunately, it won't be very useful for the contents of books, especially on sites that have many books. This user would like to be able to search for keywords in the contents of a book. 

Hmmm, this shoulds like it might be an internet connection issue. If you are getting the popup, you should not have the item in your inventory anymore. I would contact the leader of WoJM about this, they may be able to help you furhter.

One of the perks to VIP is having emojis in general, so picking and choosing which can be used by non-VIP, especially when each site has different emojis, would be confusing and complicated.

For WoP sites specifically, you can still use emoticons, like [~S~] for Slytherin and [~H~] for Hufflepuff :)