Gifts wont send.

Zosime Xylia LinkX 3 years ago updated by Garrett Marshall 3 years ago 3

I have tried to send gift to a new WoJM user, Blaise Harpy Coro. Every time I send a gift, it says "The gift was sent", but the user it was send to doesn't get it, and the item reappears into my Treasury. Why won't it send?


Hmmm, this shoulds like it might be an internet connection issue. If you are getting the popup, you should not have the item in your inventory anymore. I would contact the leader of WoJM about this, they may be able to help you furhter.


Did you write something in the comment section? I think I heard that it didn't get send if nothing stands there.

Hi there, this does seem to be an unusual error indeed. If you would like to contact myself (Garrett Marshall) on WoJM I would be happy to help solve this problem for you.