search by status

Alex Rienstien 4 years ago updated by Katie 3 years ago 4

Add the ability to search users on the map by their status. This would be incredibly handy on sites like WoO and WOMH where everyone has a status, but could also be handy for finding status people everywhere. Also make sure you can search for anyone WITHOUT a status


Yes, yes please! 


I didn't know if I could edit this, but I want to revisit the idea. Some sites have added little things such as Godly Parent or things like that to the popup when you hover over someone's name. I think it would be more beneficial to add searches for these. That's what I was searching for in search for status.


Searching by status would be very useful for old sites whose status holders may no longer be very active, so new users can search to see who owns those items (and marvel in awe at their power :o).

Searching by the extra status (WoO, WoMH, WoNK, etc use this) would help search more in depth of users, for example, for specific species on WoNK and users of a specific godly parent on WoO.

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