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When you do the quest, make sure you are on the map page when typing the text. Make sure all capital letters and lowercase letters match, and when typing a capital letter, use shift, not capslock. Also make sure not to make a typo, as you will need to completely start again. Also ensure you have a good internet connection. As you type it, the letters should turn white with each letter you type.
If this isn't working and you've done all of the above, contact the leader of your site, as for the general public, the quest works.

This also is something that would be better fitting for bugs, rather than ideas.

It should eventually show up again for you, however, I believe you may need to participate in a new topic for that to happen. I am not certain but I do know of people who have gotten the quest more than once.

I've seen a lot of different animals suggested to be added, like dogs, dragons, phoenixes, but this one seems really realistic! Although they aren't mentioned as one of the pets that could be brought, I would say they are similar to rats and would make sense to be able to have at Hogwarts. They are common pets and they aren't like a dog where they can't be left alone and need lots of space and attention. 

I believe if you buy like 6 months of VIP you get some ingame money, but I know that's not what you're referring to.

While I do see how this can be super useful for people, it also takes away from the whole point of doing homework and grading and participating in events to earn ingame money. A lot of sites have items that are powerful or really cool (invisibility cloak, pensive, charms, vanity items, etc.) that are made really expensive with ingame money just so people have to work hard to earn them, but if people can just pay IRL money, it's kind of like pay to win. They don't need to put in that hard work.

But that's just my viewpoint on it! I can see plenty of times where paying for ingame money can be really helpful and I don't think it's a bad idea!

When a user whose account is a student is hired for a graduate job, their year and age will automatically be changed so they can have that job. They do not need to pay to age up for the job if they have been selected for it. They also do not need to be of age to apply. 

Users with graduate jobs get free VIP and already get an age change of their own if their character is not old enough, so this wouldn't really be fair to give them yet another free change just because they have free VIP. This also takes away money from the sites, which keeps the sites running.

There are already a lot of different perks to VIP and it makes sense for the age/year change to be a separate purchase, just like all other character changes -- name, house, gender, etc. -- must be paid for separately.

Could you clarify which site this is on? Typically when this happens, as Drew stated, the site's personal time is messed up (week change, year change, interest, and job pay) and doesn't effect all sites at the same time.

It's very likely that the leader of your site is aware of it and trying to get it fixed!

You can always create a new account to go through all of the lessons again! 

When a teacher edits a lesson, the site still registers it as the "same lesson", regardless of what text is there. The only way you'd be able to resubmit an assignment would be if a teacher were to delete an entire year of lessons and reupload them.

This encourages the user to do homework and grade in order to get more money. There is a free meal every day (3 different times you can get it) and food isn't super expensive depending on which you buy. You have enough money to buy supplies for the first year classes so you can earn more money.

Forum posts (individual topics) still are not able to be opened in another tab.

Ooooo that's exciting!!!