give more money at the beggining of the game

Severus Snape 5 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 4 years ago 4

Does anyone want more money at the beginning of the game, so they can enroll themselves for more classes.


500 galleons is enough to buy a wand and most of the 1st year books - you can always enroll in half of the classes, do some homeworks, and earn more money to enroll in the rest. 


There should be more money, because you have to not only worry about your health, but you also need all your school neccessities.

This encourages the user to do homework and grade in order to get more money. There is a free meal every day (3 different times you can get it) and food isn't super expensive depending on which you buy. You have enough money to buy supplies for the first year classes so you can earn more money.