Adding rabbits to the Magic Menagerie

Meala 3 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 3 years ago 1

The Magic Menagerie was just updated recently with more animals such as bats, cobra snakes, and dogs. However, I find that it has missed rabbits, and I hope it could add rabbits in there. 


Rabbits are domestic animals, and quite a large population keep rabbits in the US, 3-7 million pet rabbits in 2014, and 42% out of the small pet animals owned in 2010.


Even when creatures such as cobra snakes, bats, fwooping birds(whatever they are called), and other wild and rather rare creatures are added, the relatively common house pet rabbits are still not added.

And after all, rabbits were mentioned as being pets too in the books. 

I really really hope rabbits could be added.

I've seen a lot of different animals suggested to be added, like dogs, dragons, phoenixes, but this one seems really realistic! Although they aren't mentioned as one of the pets that could be brought, I would say they are similar to rats and would make sense to be able to have at Hogwarts. They are common pets and they aren't like a dog where they can't be left alone and need lots of space and attention.