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This is now a feature!

Translation of their idea: Achievements, like for hugs or homework, but to congratulate the number of chocolate frogs eaten. Or even all the treats included.


Hey there ambre431,

In the future, please post your suggestions in English, so it can be understood by others to comment on and review.
Perhaps it could be food eaten in general? 

I do agree with this. While it is an assistant teacher's job to know how to give the correct grade, anyone can make a simple mistake. If they happen to miss something in an assignment or misunderstand something the user wrote, and they give a grade that the user shouldn't have received, there is no way to fix the grade or give the user the points they've missed out on. 

I do, however, think that users should only be able to submit a complaint if the assignment has been sent to the non-graded or varying grades tabs. Once it has gone to the complaints tab once, it should not be allowed to be resubmitted. 

You also look pretty cool having it ;)

Did you happen to purchase anything else? Or deposit them?

I would suggest messaging the leader of your site (the dark green user at the top of the job list) as they will likely be able to help you more!

I do think an option to search for topics is a really good idea! 

While I think this is a wonderful idea, I do see a few issues with this idea.

On a lot of World of sites, graduates are not allowed to do student homework or grade (some are different than others, each has their own rules). Additionally, it doesn't fit for some sites to have graduates in student classes, and while there is the option of graduate classes, there aren't as many of these on most sites.

Hi there adam.mordechai.brown!

This seems like it's a suggestion for World of Olympians, not the World of sites over. To suggest something for a specific site, the best way would be to message the leader (the dark green user at the top of the job list) and they will consider it!

Hey there morris.miller2020!

I would suggest mentioning this bug to the leader of your site (the dark green user on the job list), as it might just be a bug on the site you're on. They also may be able to help you solve the bug!