Buying some things

Didi 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 5

I havea question. What's the point of buying...? 



-Quidditch equipment 

and similar things. It doesn't seem like you can use them. It is to claim in your profile that you have them? To add realism? 

Sorry if it came out like a complain. I just want to know if its has some effect on "gameplay". Sorry if English is confusing. Have a great day everyone ^^ 

You can use it in roleplaying topics.

I mean it would be cool if during quidditch you could get higher points from having a better broom, or a better chance of earning extra points or something. But otherwise yeah they are for topics and duels, but I do get your point.

You also look pretty cool having it ;)

As mentioned, there really isn't any point! Items without obvious practical purpose are just kind of cool to have. It's fun to save up for stuff and some prefer to only RP with things they own (although, this isn't really a "rule" dependent on the item).