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In the meantime, you can view gifts other people have received by pressing the options on their page under "other" and press "gifts". You can see what was all sent to them as long as they don't delete the message. 

Hey there Scarlet!

When it comes to item suggestions, it's best to suggest it to the leader of that WoX site or to the illustration leader if they have one! These can both be found on the jobs list located at the dropdown at the top left.

This, in particular, appears to be directed at World of Olympians, so check out the Feedback Club under the Illustrator section and suggest your idea, or message Alec Stanford, the leader of illustrations, himself!

This has been changed to be more appropriate. 

Do you mean that you used italics and bold in what you were writing in the assignment?

This ^ It already creates a relation for the phenomenon, another relation isn't necessary. Besides, someone can be in love with someone without dating them. 


Well, there is always the option of non-VIP uses to add their "best friends" into their profile text, to list it just the same, just on a different page.

This is an issue I've always experienced.

What I do to solve it is to drag from the bottom of the chat, right where you see the tiny bit of your text box, and drag that up. If you try to drag above that, it'll assume you're trying to drag the chat and do nothing.

To create a club, it must be paid for by a user, so it would be unfair for that user to lose the club they paid for just because they are inactive. 

Clubs with the same idea can be made by multiple people so if that one is inactive, another can just be made.

More options would be nice though :D

As Drew and Maxi mentioned above, it's not something WoP / WoX control. They are Google ads, and there are many different things that can cause them to show those. Sometimes it may just be information like the general age group Google believes you are and that sort of thing. 

As Maxi said, the best option is to report the ones you don't want to see. This will help Google not show you the ones you don't like, but also if there are any that are explicit or something, Google can learn not to show those at all.