Change Aphrodite's Picture

Thana! 3 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 3 years ago 4

This is for WoO. (World of Olympians) The mythomagic card for Aphrodite is inappropriate. It shows a woman SHIRTLESS with a hand over her (you know what.) It's disgusting. There are thirteen year olds on this site. 

I'm not on WoO, but this does seem quite disturbing so I'm up-voting.


Perhaps message the leader of the site in order for them to see it. If it is site specific to a WoX, that is the place to go.

This is more for in general of all WoX sites or in general for all WoP sites, as WoX is more privately run.


The post has been forwarded to the leaders of WoO. I will remove it from here since it only concerns this one site. "Declined" does not mean we don't agree with your post, it's just the only way to remove it from the pool of ideas.

This has been changed to be more appropriate.