lroberts 5 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 3 years ago 5

I think that the VIP favours things that should be allowed for all players!

Letting the VIP's have friendships like Best Friends should be allowed for all. Cut down the VIP now please it is not fair


VIP money is what makes the site live. I find it only normal that you get a lot of advantages when paying for an online RPG site. 


I agree with letting non-VIP users have the ‘Best Friend’ relation. I feel like non-VIP users should be able to have some things (like homework graded equally as fast) that VIP users have. Yes, I do think that people should still have to buy VIP for most of the features, but people like me who don’t have VIP and want some perks should be able to get a little taste of having  a VIP profile.

Well, there is always the option of non-VIP uses to add their "best friends" into their profile text, to list it just the same, just on a different page.