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Both could be done? I just don't think it should be only an amount of days they should be active.

My only concern about having them be active for a certain amount of days is that someone can still do the method from before and make multiple accounts and gain the money off of those. Let's say you have to be on for two weeks (just an example). I make an account or two one day, then I make another the next day and still log into the first ones made. I continue this for two weeks and every day after that I can send over the 500 galleons, gaining me at least 500 galleons a day.

Perhaps make it level 7 (since after level 5, nothing really happens until level 10) or higher, so it isn't as easy to spam the owlery to reach the level they need. 

People could easily abuse this however by creating new accounts and sending the 500 starter galleons to themselves to get rich quickly. 

Perhaps this could be avoided by making a certain requirement for when people can begin transferring? It could be similar to grading where they must reach a certain level first.

I'm sure many users would, but then it takes away one of the perks of being VIP. I know some people who buy VIP just because they enjoy the emojis. This would make profits from people buying VIP decline because they don't need to buy it to get the emojis. 

Like I said before, you can just as easily copy and paste emojis from other sites.

Your hunger and thirst go down while you are offline as well to promote people to come online and eat more often. It's a part of the site that I highly doubt will change. 

This can make other users feel upset if they never get featured, and if it goes by stats, people who have been on the site longer will have an easy time staying on the top while new users would struggle to catch up.

There are plenty of emojis that can be copied and pasted from other places online that non-VIP users use.

It would be much easier for them to communicate through owls or off site messengers. The messages written in the chat won't always be there as when more messages are sent, they are moved up and soon will no longer be readable, and they will be unable to know if they are needed in that chat since there is no notification. 

This can just be seen if you are to go onto the user's profile. This isn't really necessary to be added into the site.