Transferring galleons to other users

Lena Borchardt 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 9

Sometimes WoP can be quite frustrating. If you don't make it to meals and end blacked out a lot, if you work full time (maybe even multiple jobs) and are unable to do and/or grade homework. You just end up unsatified quite easily if you are only able to use the chat most of the time and have no money to buy stuff. 

What could help is, if your friends, who might be more active and have more money, could send you some galleons. I know, they could just send you food. Of the other items you might need. But to me it would feel a lot better if I could send someone 50 or 100 galleons to make them a bit more independent. The same applies if you have multiple characters and want to give them a head start with the help of your main account. 

There could be like a statement added to Gringotts. The money transferred would show up here, not as a gift. May look something like this: 

Harry Potter+101000
Ron Weasley+501060
Harry Potter-100960

I guess you get the general idea.


I've been wanting for this idea to come for ages now, I recently switched my main account again and I'm left with almost no money on my current one while the other one stil has something. I'm really missing interest on this amount constantly. Besides it would also be very useful if indeed one of my friends seem to have fainted, I could transfer them the 200 galleons so they can unfaint and they could easily send me back the money for example.


People could easily abuse this however by creating new accounts and sending the 500 starter galleons to themselves to get rich quickly. 

Perhaps this could be avoided by making a certain requirement for when people can begin transferring? It could be similar to grading where they must reach a certain level first.


I agree with this, however. People can spam the owlery to get to a certain levely very quickly. So the requirement could be that they had to be active for an amount of days?

You're both completely right. I didn't even think about that. How about the requirement is having 600 galleons in Gringotts? At least for the first time. 
Therefore you couldn't transfer the first 500 galleons from a second/third/forth/... account to your main account and it also isn't enough to quickly solve Peeves' and the Weasley twins' riddles. It'd ensure you'd at least spend a few days on your account, since you also can't start correcting homework right away. 


Both could be done? I just don't think it should be only an amount of days they should be active.

My only concern about having them be active for a certain amount of days is that someone can still do the method from before and make multiple accounts and gain the money off of those. Let's say you have to be on for two weeks (just an example). I make an account or two one day, then I make another the next day and still log into the first ones made. I continue this for two weeks and every day after that I can send over the 500 galleons, gaining me at least 500 galleons a day.

Perhaps make it level 7 (since after level 5, nothing really happens until level 10) or higher, so it isn't as easy to spam the owlery to reach the level they need. 


The thing with by levels is that, although it takes more time to spam the owlery to get to say, level 7, it has been done before. It would be interesting if being able to exchange galleons could be a result of some type of a quest, so maybe linked with getting a certain amount of galleons in the bank (which would mean they were actively working for the galleons they got), or posting in a topic a certain amount of times. Something that is a result of someone actually being active to the site, not being able to spam and get it, but also not just having an account open for a certain amount of time.

I do like the idea though! I understand the problem of people wanting to send all their money to one account, but if you can make it more of an achievement I think this would be a great addition to the site and to roleplay in general if people can give monetary gifts or exchange goods and services or something, especially with many sites going into Year 8 or beyond. 


Just a thought, and maybe not the most favorable one, but what if you could only send money if you're VIP? This might prevent those looking to create accounts to simply rack up the money. It may also give users another incentive to purchase VIP. 

They could also go offline for two weeks and boom. 500 galleons. They could even make multiple accounts, leave them all for two weeks, and rack up a ton of galleons. I feel like this would take even less effort than some of the other methods suggested above because they just need to make accounts, list the emails, and log back on in a few weeks. If they made new accounts each day, after a few weeks they could start farming them even.