Emojis for non vips

Lyra Cora/ Blaze Drake 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 5 years ago 7 1 duplicate

What I propose is that some emojis like :) and :( for example could be open to non vips, but others like the (cwl) emoji are not. I just thought it would be a nice idea for people who can't get vip for various reasons, so they aren't left behind in chat. 

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There are plenty of emojis that can be copied and pasted from other places online that non-VIP users use.

I would like to use actual emojis

I'm sure many users would, but then it takes away one of the perks of being VIP. I know some people who buy VIP just because they enjoy the emojis. This would make profits from people buying VIP decline because they don't need to buy it to get the emojis. 

Like I said before, you can just as easily copy and paste emojis from other sites.


I really believe it should be for everyone


As Kayte said you can copy and paste emojis, for example, red hearts that do work in chat.

Paying for VIP helps the development of the site and some users only get VIP for emojis. It would take away the perks of VIP.

Perhaps you could be able to buy just emoticons for a lower price than that of VIP.