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....And the chocolate frog cards.

Only hugging them won't do the trick. Have you tried feeding them? Having other people hug them as well? Hugging them multiple times a day? 

My pets are typically happy and I do all these things.

...Does that work for people? It's always taken me back to my wall, rather than my chest o.o

If you don't like the color, then don't become a librarian. There's no reason to change the color other than your personal opinion. 

The sites are 13+ so there are plenty of younger users, and even if there weren't, not everyone is mature. 

Couldn't you simply copy and paste? Or am I missing something here?

I would suggest resubmitting this in English so readers won't skip past it when scrolling down the suggestion list :)

WIth the new pet update, some of the rarer pets can not only expensive, but the user must also pass year 6 or 7 of Care of Magical Creatures to have the ability to purchase the pet. This is just to ensure that they aren't buying crazy pets when they're still 12 year olds...

There are already prefects and other staff who watch over students behaviour and give out warnings. The management decide on the bans. 

Graduated students can still get 'student jobs' if they wish, so this isn't necessary.