Back button when sending gifts

Kayte / Angela 6 years ago updated by -bg 6 years ago 5

When trying to eat an item in your chest or opening Wizard cards, I find myself accidently pressing "give gift" instead of "eat" or "open card". Sure, that's all fine and dandy, but when you get to the send gift page, you can't simply go back to where you were in your chest. You have to go back to the topic, press the "More" tab, then (if you don't have VIP and can't sort your items) you have to scroll all the way back down to the item, which if you have a lot of items in your chest, it can take awhile. It gets even more annoying if I accidently do it multiple times.

I just ask for an easy fix: A back button that takes me from the sending gifts page back to where I was in my chest. Simple. 


You can just go back in ur browser?

...Does that work for people? It's always taken me back to my wall, rather than my chest o.o

I get back to my chest o.O


Not really a fix or something, but when you're in your chest, simply pressing ctrl+F and then typing the object you're looking for will take you right to that thing, so that might save you the scrolling!