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@Celeste -- The reason why it was declined was likely due to the fact that it would just be difficult to code it so that it completely does not show while someone does not have them. It would be a lot of extra work, with little benefit, as it isn't really a hindrance. 

This has now been added!

I'm not sure what this "rank" would entice. Your character can be villainous all you want, as long as you abide by all of the site rules. There aren't exactly "ranks" or anything for users. It's just something you roleplay as.

The issue with "donation pages" for already launched sites is that
a.) Instead of the owner of the sites handling the transactions, it is handled by the site's leader. Site leaders can be let go for different reasons and if this is not transferred over, obviously there can be a lot of issues there
b.) Prior to a site's launch, the donation page is used for the creation of the website. Once the site launches, that doesn't necessarily apply and the donation site may believe it goes against their ToS

Hey there! I know this suggestion is a bit old, but I wanted to mention -- If you're suggesting pets for World of Potter, then great, you're doing everything correctly!

However, if this is for a WoX site, you'll want to talk with the corresponding leader, as each site has different items and illustrators. But again, if this is for WoP, then disregard this!

Are you able to interact with other parts of the site? For example, are you still able to access the dropdown menu with all of the locations and such?

While offline, your food and drink goes down because it encourages you to log on and keep yourself fed. Even while you're not online, your character still exists! Making sure your character is nice and fed will prevent you from fainting, but if you are away for a while and end up fainting, don't fret, you will only need to wait an hour!

This would be a great addition! 
One option in the meantime would be utilizing the forums in the club and the house's common room topics. These topics can be pinned to the top for all users (that are in there) can see!