Take away the 'Relations' tab for people who currently don't have any relations

Celeste Malfoy 3 years ago updated by Vita Auden 3 years ago 4

All in the title. It's unnecessary for people to have the relations tab when they don't have any relations.

Could someone comment why they think this is a bad idea? I just want to know your opinion!

@Celeste -- The reason why it was declined was likely due to the fact that it would just be difficult to code it so that it completely does not show while someone does not have them. It would be a lot of extra work, with little benefit, as it isn't really a hindrance. 

It wouldn’t be hard to code, it would just be to check the length of string and see if is empty or not.

I just think it is unnecessary to have it be made, as it shows people they can have it.