Be able to resubmit assignments

Alexander H. 4 years ago updated by Henrietta Nagy 4 years ago 2

Hello ;D

When a new Professor takes over a subject and updates all the lessons, I think it would be a good idea to let users resubmit the assignments they’ve already completed. The reason? Well, if somebody really loves, say, History of Magic, and they already submitted every assignment in the previous years, it would be fun to be able to do those assignments again, as it would help earn points and galleons and make people more enthusiastic to do homework. And it’d be good fun, as well as allowing the hard-working Professors the chance to have their new lessons loved and appreciated! :D

I’m not suggesting that you be able to redo the assignments immediately, but only when a new Professor updates and rewrites them, or if any serious changes are made from the current Professor.

Thanks :D



You can always create a new account to go through all of the lessons again! 

When a teacher edits a lesson, the site still registers it as the "same lesson", regardless of what text is there. The only way you'd be able to resubmit an assignment would be if a teacher were to delete an entire year of lessons and reupload them.

I think it wouldn't make much sense IG and wouln't be too realistic. For example if you already did hw until Week 3 and in Week 4 there is a new professor, you still attended classes with the previous professor in the past. (I hope you get me XD) 

And as mentioned before if you wish to do new homeworks you can also create a new user to be able to enjoy classes with a new prof and earn points to your house, etc.