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Adding Phoenixes in WoP

Izzy Jorg Rookwood 7 years ago updated by Shinelee 2 years ago 16

Good evening everyone. I know the game need better and more serious things to add, but i would like to share my thoughts, about this awesome creature that called Phoenix. They're my favorites in Wizarding World and i can tell it's my ' weakness'. This feedback it's about adding Phoenixs in WoP. They can be in Magical Menagerie shop, not too many different kinds or colours. For example red with orange and also it would be great if we can add names on them. I have no idea how many galleons they can cost, but i would like not to be so expensive. Let's make this dream true !


I agree that maybe phoenixes should be in the game..... but they should be really hard to get. Everyone wants a phoenix but we need to remember how rare they are. Perhaps a year-long quest. Or a looooooooooot of galleons. I don't know, but we want to avoid that everyone can just easily get a phoenix in their first years. 


That's really good idea. Yes, they are rare creatures and can't everyone just have one. They can maybe give them in special conditions too !


I love Phoenixes and so I love this idea! *has a phoenix tribal tattoo on her upper arm irl and has her WoP character have a phoenix tattoo on her back*
Sooooo. But yeah, it should be hard to get just like a pensieve. *would really, really, reallyyyyyyy want one*


That is just a very good idea! And what about not only phoenixes, but also other non dangerous and very rare animals, like unicorns for example? With the idea of a quest or maybe simply a lot of galleons, like Olivia were saying!


Phoenixes are XXXX rated creatures because very few wizards have ever succeeded in domesticating them, the only two known cases being Albus Dumbledore's pet phoenix Fawkes, and the other being the Moutohora Macaws' mascot, Sparky. 

With this being said, selling phoenixes from one of the shops wouldn't make much sense as it's VERY rare for them to be domesticated. 

Perhaps instead of having the ability to purchase a phoenix from a store, the status of owning a phoenix could be won in a status competition, similar to owning an invisibility cloak? 


That sounds better idea. Yes, can't everyone have a Phoenix, because they're rare. Maybe a competition will be great.

Some of the statuses like animagus already don't make sense as it is learned and successfully done by 15 year olds in canon. It is purely done because of users desire of it.   We don't need more nonsensical statuses made that way because of desirability on site.

you are first allowed to have the status of animagus be active until you are atleast 5th year. So no clue where you are going with nonsensible.

Anyone can learn it. Literally anybody can be an animagus in canon. Pretty straightforward how that makes it a nonsensical status that exists as limited on WoP just to make it feel special.

There is a status: Owner of a phoenix. I think it is unfair for the people who worked so hard for the status. Because then you are able to just buy a phoenix instead of winning a statuscompetition.

Or maybe, the people who won the statuscompetition need to be compensated with something, because they lose there status with that. Maybe they can choose an other status as a compensation.

It is not a status that is on all WoP sites.

However if they add it as an item, they will add the item to all WoP sites.

So, as many of you know, when you first topic in the forbidden forest, you're given a quest where you can earn a bird afterwards. What if we did the same with a Phoenix, just made it more challenging? Perhaps a week of feeding it every 6 hours? or something

This is a really good idea!