Search bar at the library

Katherine Hermione 3 years ago updated by Vita Auden 3 years ago 4

A search bar ar the library would really Help. Now, I do not know how things are coded exactly but we could make a tag system. When searching for something (e.g. a spell) that you don't know the name but you know the effect for example, you might have to search for a long time, checking every spell on the list. We could mark trivial words for each entry (I know it's tiring but if needed I volunteer to help) and the search bar will be based on that. For example: Say I'm searching for Expelliarmus but I don't remember the name. We could put certain tags to the entry (e.g. spell, duel, disarm, charm, etc etc) so when the person searches they can at least limit the range of information found. I hope that makes sense to you, it kind of does in my mind. I don't know if it's possible though. Hope it works!


That's a great idea. It would help a lot. WoP have a lot of members that use the library to search for information, be it for curiosity or for homeworks, and this sure would be of help.

You can press ctrl+f and then you get a search bar

This is true, however, it will only be helpful for the titles of books. Unfortunately, it won't be very useful for the contents of books, especially on sites that have many books. This user would like to be able to search for keywords in the contents of a book. 

They can still do what I say by going into the books, which has something to do with what it is about.