An "outstanding +" grade

Laetitia 7 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 3

I have graded a good amount of assignments so far and I have seen some truly amazing homework, well-written and interesting, and other that meet the requirements answering in 3 lines, but nothing more about it. And I must admit that I feel kind of sad to give Outstanding to both of them, even if I make sure to add extra congratulations and compliment in the first one's feedback. I think that an "outstanding +" grade would be great, for people who meet the requirements AND really put some effort/creativity in the homework. 


I don't think this is a particularly good idea. If a user puts an effort into their assignment, but the grader does not give them this "outstanding +", they will feel like they didn't do well enough and may feel discouraged.

This goes the other way too, if a user puts very little into a assignment, but the grader decides to give them an "outstanding +". They may start to think that receiving these is easy and no longer put effort into writing their assignments.

I think the grading system is just find the way it is and if you want to give them an extra compliment and let them know that you thought their homework was well done, you can state so in the written feedback. 

Hey, I totally agree, but there's another topic about this called "Creativity Reward" where people who put lots of effort into their homework get extra galleons as a reward for being exceptionally creative. This is the link: