Care for pets

Neisha OBrian 7 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 13 4 duplicates

You can take care for the pets you buy by feeding and playing with them

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Yeah, there could be a separate part of the website that is just for your pets, probably as part of your profile page. You can name them, feed and play with them. Depending on their species, gives the amount of their reactions to things and all the things you buy for them are in that space as well, like the cat's bed. Or if you buy them a collar you can put them on.


Would be nice if it could be like tamagotchi like breeding and stuff 

It would be so much fun! It doesn't have to be something complicated. But something similar like with the users, with a bar for food and a bar for water. ANd maybe the need for a place where it can sleep. Something easy but cute and credible!


I am afraid that will cost a lot of galleons

Looking forward to it! =) Hope the possibility to give them names is going to be added in that too.


Okay, I was super excited about this, but it got completely ruined by the limitations added. Not only can I not buy back my pet because of the year requirement, I can't rename my toad because I'm not VIP or change the gender. I had a whole backstory and part of my profile that revolved around my pets, now it's useless because of the limitations. This was such a cool idea, now I'm just frustrated and sad.

I'm totally with Ace on this. I'm unable to buy back any of my pets as they require 5th grade, meanwhile my character being a thirdgrader. She got both of her pets as gifts. What am I supposed to do? Pretend they ran/flew away? Pretend they never existed in the first place? Or break the rules and pretend they still exist until I can actually repurchase them in about 15 weeks? 


Update: I just now realized the classes have to be completed rather than started, making it sixth grade until I can actually repurchase them (if things stay the way they are at the moment). That'll be at least mid of August 2018 for my character. You cannot be serious about this.