Topic Deletion due to presence of banned user

Glinda Rose 6 years ago updated by Jeanette 5 years ago 9

I would like to make a suggestion regarding topic deletion, due to an incident that happened to me recently.

Yesterday I logged on to find that I had received an owl informing me that a topic I participated in was deleted due to a banned user. The topic had been between myself and two others, was well written and thought out, and even got a mention in an article for how good it was. However, some time after we were done with the topic, someone else posted in there randomly. Nothing particular came of it, but then they got banned; and because they got banned, the entire topic had to be deleted.

The reason I am explaining this is because the deletion of the topic felt more like punishment to those of us who had worked hard on it and abided by all the WoP rules. Myself and the other two were gutted that the topic was removed because the other user happened to be present at the end, as we had worked hard on writing our replies and the topic formed a crucial part of all our backstories.

Now, to be clear, I completely understand why the presence of the banned user had to be removed. I am not criticising the prefect team for doing their job; I know they had to do it. However, I would like to raise a query: Is there any way in which the system could be modified so that individual posts can be deleted, rather than whole topics?


The thing is... that individual posts can be deleted, so I don't know why the entire topic was deleted and not just the replies.


I think this might be a management function then, considering I'm a prefect on a website and I can't delete posts on a topic, only the entire topic.


Unfortunately, it is a management option to delete certain posts, not a prefect option.

This could have easily been solved however, if the other users in the topic had been owled and notified beforehand about it and been asked if they wanted to delete the topic or not. If they did not, the prefect leader could have been contacted to remove the banned user from the topic.

This seems more like something that should be brought up with the prefect leader of your site, rather than idea for all of the sites overall, as I don't believe this is a recurring problem across the other sites. :)


Ok, thank you guys, I have owled the prefect leader to ask about it. :)

Prefects are not allowed to delete topics that have a banned user in them.


Prefects can and are allowed delete topics, but if we do, we follow certain procedure. It all depends from case to case.

It actually depends on what site you are on. Sun-Hi is from World of Potter US, where this is not allowed, but other sites do allow it, presumably the ones you are familiar with. You must keep in mind that the rules not only for the teams, but for the sites are different depending on where you go. 

Well, I'm speaking about WOP Eu. I'm not part of US server, so I can't judge about it. Rules are rules, and they must be followed (not speaking about IG rules, they're different thing and it depends about your character will he or she follow them. But I don't get why we're discussing the thing that was solved like half a year ago. It's over and out from me.


I'm discussing it because you made your comment 5 days ago? If it's "over and out" for you, what was the post of your comment?

And if you're only speaking of EU, why did you then try to prove the person who commented before you wrong? They were simply stating that it's not allowed there.