Customisable colours

Jada Nightflame 7 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 3

An option where you can change the default colours of WoP for yourself. Like a dark blue background and a neon pink chat/field where text is in, like in RPs.

Or just on your profile. Sometimes, the profile text from VIPs don't match well at all with the grey, so basically you can change the colours on your profile so everyone can see it there, but on the rest of the site, you'll be able to put custom colours. :D

This could also be an option for VIPs only, but I think that this would be really cool for most users, also the ones who aren't able to afford VIP.


Now that there are the other World of sites with their own color scheme, this takes away from each site having their own unique look.

If someone's PT colors doesn't work with the grey, they can change the colors they are using. 


I would love the idea of being able to change the backgroundcolour of the area on your profile and backstory to match it with the lay-out/background you're using on your profile.