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Although there are students like you who do read the guidelines thoroughly before grading, you are the vast minority. In the long run, I think the potential benefit for grading as a whole outweighs the necessary consequence of keeping good graders from initially beginning. As for the grading rules in general that you are addressing, we need to keep in mind that we have people turning in homework with a wide range of capability. We don't want to exclude people who would have a hard time producing more than a few sentences. As for the mandatory reading of rules, people could still just skip through and click the box. By keeping them from grading, they're more likely to read the rules to see what they are missing, and in the long run, a week or two isn't very long to wait to open up that section of WoP. In fact, it's more of an incentive to stick around, as you get the feeling of being rewarded as new areas of WoP are opened to you.

Since no other items are interactive, I don't think we should make the Homework Planner any different, and there are already feedback topics about changing the Homework Tab itself so I think this is pretty much covered..

Someone already reported this bug

Definitely gets my upvote, just wasn't certain about the logistics! :D

I don't think it would be punishing to not get the incentive, in fact it might push them to try and be more creative than they have been in the past. The only setback I could see is there being no set parameter for something being "creative"..

Do we know what time frame this puts us at? This is going to be great!

It's not that I don't like your idea, I just am good enough with our current system that I don't see a reason to change it.

Did you check to see if you were tagged in one of the other chats (In game, Quidditch, Your House)? Or maybe someone @ed your house or did @all

On the main page of Feedback it says all ideas should be in English. Please provide a translation if possible.

The World Outside a whole new section of WoP for graduated students to still keep coming back to the site, it's something to work towards. If we had The Muggle World, it wouldn't feel as special in my opinion.