The Muggle World

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I think there should be a place where everybody can RP outside Hogwarts and the magical world. I mean, it's fun to RP in Hogwarts and Diagon Alley and such, but I think people would love to RP outside of just that. And only the graduates are allowed to do so in The World Outside. So why wouldn't we make one where everybody can do that? We can call it 'The Muggle World'. It can be a place where Halfbloods teach their Fullbloods friends more about the Muggles for example.

I think the problem is that it's not realistic for 11-year-olds to be running freely around the outside world..

When I was 11 years old I was playing outside with friends freely, so I have to disagree. And let's be fair, how realistic is it for 11-year-olds to be sent to a school far away from home? ;)

Playing outside with friends and visiting Muggle cities are two very different things, and boarding schools and private schools aren't really that uncommon..

The World Outside a whole new section of WoP for graduated students to still keep coming back to the site, it's something to work towards. If we had The Muggle World, it wouldn't feel as special in my opinion.


It is realistic for 11 year olds to be sent to a school far away. This is called boarding school and, surprisingly, is quite a common thing to happen in England if the family has the money or the child has an extraordinary scholarship worthy gift. In the case of Hogwarts, it would be the second option- the child is extremely talented in magic. When it comes to the Muggle World- if it becomes an option people will simply create topics (unrealistically) all around the world or far away from home. It would become a drag back on the actual focus of the site- the magical universe. If you wanted a site where you could RP in cities, I'm sure there is one available somewhere.

"First year student Jane had decided to go visit London with her two eleven year old friends for a week, on their own without a parental guardian and having a great time causing trouble wherever they go." Or even "Jane's family decided to take her and her friends to the muggle town in the French Channel islands over the holiday where they could use magic and do whatever they want." Sounds lovely, but as a prefect the muggle world would be incredibly difficult to moderate due to the level of realism we could actually accept and the different boundaries such a topic section would push. It would be a weight on the fact of the HP universe sites Realism, which I think I'm going to end up saying several times in this comment. It's a major part of why the muggle universe wouldn't work.

Now, if you actually want to RP a holiday, I would suggest a method I use- get an owl running between the people you want to take on holiday with you and do it that way. Owl RPs work much better than people consider them to do. One of my characters is currently on Christmas Break with her Adopted Mother and Brother. It works incredibly well, as the location is yours to chose and you can be as imaginative as you want. You can also RP in anyway you want to, which sounds pretty good if you think about it. ;)

The World Outside is already an area with such capabilities, and it is gifted to the Graduates for a simply reason- they are not students and are free to travel wherever they want around the world realistically. As Lucian said, it's something for students to work up to. If you want to be part of the world outside, you can now age up on EU and make your characters traveling especially realistic.

This is just my opinion. Of course, I understand where you're coming from, but in my opinion as a prefect and a user of the site I believe it's not really something needed.

The topic-in-owl isn't as fun as having an actual topic where others interested in it can read it as well. I think it puts a lot of restrains on the RP side of WoP. And we could always hire some more prefects, because that would give the students a bigger sense of responsibility. But everybody has the right to their opinion.

Perhaps this could be something available for later on in a students year (like year 6/7)? I don't believe it would be realistic to offer it to younger. I do see this as a good idea, but not in the current age ranges of the EU/DE/US sites.


I think it's an interesting idea for christmas, easter and summer holidays. So maybe a time restricted area that is only open in week 4, 7 and 11 in other words December, March and Juli/August. I could imagine inviting friends for new years or something like that.