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If it was made once it could be made again! I don't think that alone should rule this idea out..

The problem is that it's often those roles that make the mistakes to begin with so if we had someone else who was less inclined to make errors to double check things it would make things much better.

I think it would be better to have those as subsections within the World Outside

It should be like Death Eater roleplay however, where if you choose to have a horcrux after graduation people can tell and you fall in the evil category, unable to come to Hogwarts again etc.

Since there is only one in existence, it would be fun to have this be only available to a single person at a time. Then if someone else won it later, it would be "stolen" from the previous owner!

The admin accessibility was what was fixed so staff can still access the most important things.

I think there is a real issue with people in higher up positions abusing their authority but I think it's less about the color and more about the impression that since they are in charge of students they are superior. This however isn't the case with all or even most staff members, so if you want things to change, the better option is to keep an eye out for those who are taking advantage and report them to another staff member or several staff members. When enough people are calling it out, that is when these problems can get to a position of being resolved either through that member reassessing their behaviour or being asked to leave.

Also make sure you don't put questions under the Ideas category in the future.

I'm afraid we don't delete accounts, at least on WoP US.