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I'm relying on Google Translate here, so tell me if I'm misunderstanding, but you're saying on the Marauder's Map instead of Normal User it should say student? Is that correct?

You can just translate it here!

It's not that the format is wrong, it's just a cultural difference. Some countries prefer Day Month Year and others Month Day Year.

The last three forum posts a person has made should appear on their wall. This would make it easier for other role players to see where they last made a contribution as well as make it easier to plan for role playing.

I would've thought people would notice it when they look at the rest of their profile info to see like their overall house points or anything else. Also, it's not a huge problem if it's only the day that's wrong since you would mostly be marked as the same age you were meant to be. I do understand if people put the wrong year in because it's awkward if others go to their profile and think they are much younger or older than they really are.

Was it declined because of a copyright problem or something else?

A similar idea was actually just reported as planned to be implemented! You can check it out here:

The problem is if they are being rude or grading poorly on purpose there is no mechanic to punish them currently. There are currently only two options: to approve the grade they gave or "punish" it, but punishing hasn't appeared to take away points when I've looked at it. Sometimes people give the wrong grades without realizing that the assignment needs a different one, such as when the material is plagiarized. Naturally, these students aren't punished. However, for those students who simply copy and paste grades of Outstanding regardless of the assignment, there needs to be some kind of consequence that prevents that method from becoming regular. Taking away Housepoints for that would create a risk involved with poor grading techniques that hopefully would dissuade speed graders from employing that tactic. The punishing is not for the graders who tried their best but graded incorrectly in the end, it's for the ones you mentioned before: "[those who] are being rude or grading bad on purpose."

I've seen several people complain about having this happen accidentally and them ending up being marked as 2 or something equally unbelievable but not noticing it until they had built a foundation for their account and didn't want to abandon it for a new one. Instead of users changing it I think it should be made so Admin / Management can change the birth date, as I have been told that's currently not possible. That way they can deal with the issue when it comes up, but we don't have people changing birthdays all the time.