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Yes, but when they send gifts it doesn't count towards their item achievements or anything else, so there's less incentive for them to do so.

If you could send money, I think you would have people creating new characters just to send the starting money off to their main character.. The risk of abuse is too high in my opinion.

I feel like this is up to the writer's discretion. If a grader isn't feeling well or is tired, they probably shouldn't be grading in the first place..

Thanks for fleshing this out! I'm glad to see more support headed its way!

I'd say maybe a top ten from all Houses, as if you do top 50 you may not get very high point totals by the 50th point earner..

If someone wanted to take advantage of it, it would encourage them to log on at least three times a day. I would think that would be a good thing, as it instills a desire to revisit the site throughout the day. Buying "actual" food and drink would still appeal to people who are more active outside of the three meal times and to people who wanted more character control (choosing what specifically they ate). I also don't understand the connection you're making to homework? What relevance does that hold to the meal availability?

It would be handy to have a club for it though... Colors wouldn't be feasible, but right now I am just using a group owl to communicate with my team and it would be handy to have one place where they could access the link for practice and see important upcoming dates, that kind of thing. As a team captain it may sound like a simple thing, but it would actually make many things easier overall for all players.

Most any development can be used to break rules, but our moderators would just have to include that in what they watch out for. I can't foresee that becoming a big problem

It isn't every time for me but if I change from mobile to pc it does consistently open the tutorial for me.

"I would suggest that there be a notification when librarians publish a new book, so everyone can enjoy the new books and are aware of the library" - English Translation