I always see the intro

Squirrel Jo 7 years ago updated by World of Potter 6 years ago 7

Each time I go to the housepoints, I see the tabs for beginners (like : "here you can see the points for each house", "here you can see the rank of the user"...).

Same when I grade HW or when I attend class...

Is there a way to avoid it, a box to tick, a setting to set ? And am I the only one who has this problem ?

Have you tried going through the whole guide?

I've read the rules and the guidelines, and I've had a look through the settings, but there's nothing about it...

I have the same problem on my mobile phone and Laptop. This does not occur on my computer I am usually on.


I've got this problem too. Not always, but when I restart my computer or my internet.

Have to log on again too, even though I checked the stay logged on button.

It isn't every time for me but if I change from mobile to pc it does consistently open the tutorial for me.

I have the same problem... I have gone through the intro's multiple times.