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I like being able to choose our own for profiling purposes. To me it makes it more meaningful and unique to each person. After all, who knows which patronus your character should have better than you?

I think this is more of a reported bug than an idea, my timer has never not worked.

I don't know about separate options, but definitely friends should go to the top of the list and staff members should be prioritized after that, as most times you owl someone it's either staff or a friend

May be because I posted a similar idea already? Mine was Achievement Progress Tracking, so your suggestion may be considered a duplicate

One of the feedback requirements is that they be written in english

Surely it couldn't hurt for someone to have that as their primary role though? It's a large task combing through the entire site, and it would alleviate that burden from the Ministers and Headmasters so they would be freed up for more pressing issues.

It would be nice if there was a more compact version of the 'My Homework' tab

I feel that this is a requirement that is up to the teacher's discretion and should remain that way. Some teachers already do set word requirements, but if they don't feel it is necessary it is most likely because it is not.

This is a great idea! I love it!

But I love the white! So beaut...