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I like the Banned User -> Deceased idea, but having a status that can spread to other players even if they don't want it to seems excessive..

That was a fine reasoning though. If we age restricted, users who wanted to see that material would use a false age. We already make it clear that younger users should be wary of 5X topics, but that's the best we can do in terms of prevention. Anyone 13+ should be able to distinguish between the ratings easily, but we can't force them to follow that warning especially when many people simply chose 5X without including any 5X parameter content.

Yes but not all of them would be interested in that kind of commitment... I think a poll prior to implementation to test the waters of how many people would be actively involved would be necessary before it became an official addition.

It would give them the freedom to change things as they saw fit, a liberty I entrust them with, while, as a HoH, I would retain my capability to edit the club if I did not approve of a change or had an additional change to implement. It wouldn't lessen my involvement but instead serve to further their capacity for involvement.

Thanks Evelyn :D Took the words right out of my mouth ;)

"More money in Peeve's Corner and Weasley's Riddles"

This would be a wonderful addition! I love the approval system!

My only concern would be this making it easier for spammers or trolls to affect large groups of people in a very short time span, and also that users might send one problem to every prefect when really only one is necessary. This could be annoying and potentially overwhelming for different teams.

Since everyone has scheduled times, it would be fun if the practice field was set up like game days so that the members could practice like a faux match and others could spectate if they wanted. It would be more realistic and it would provide teams the unique opportunity to watch their competition practice if they wanted to, just like they could on a real field.