Chat specifically for Quidditch Practice

Pheonix Blaze 7 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 4

Ok, the same way Each house has its own chat, I think each Quidditch team should have chat. It would make things easier when its time to practice. Maybe even have it so the others in our house could see practice, but not participate


I agree but then just for the players, since not everyone would like the entire house watching along ^^ And then the captain/HoH gets powers to edit who's allowed in the chat, kind of like how the line-up for the matches has to be put in. And it would be especially great to have a chat like the match screen, not just the chat at the right, since it's not the same at all :'D


Since everyone has scheduled times, it would be fun if the practice field was set up like game days so that the members could practice like a faux match and others could spectate if they wanted. It would be more realistic and it would provide teams the unique opportunity to watch their competition practice if they wanted to, just like they could on a real field.

I think that it would be a very useful thing to help the team work together and to make the new entry adjust faster in the modality of game.