Co-admins/moderators in clubs

Marylin Collester 7 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 14

It would be nice if you could change the rank of the members of your club, so that they, along with you, could be able to customise the club, accept club applications and so on.


You can change the rank in clubs but changing the club in anyway is the job of the club leader. Having co-admins could cause confusion as they might Change things around that the leader wants to remain the same.


But that would be the responsibility of the Leader to only appoint admins they trust. I know this would be really helpful for me as a HoH because I could allow both the Captain and Co-Captain of my Quidditch Team to edit our club instead of just one of them.

Edit all of your club? Wouldn't that take away your responsibility as HoH or will you let them run things by you before its changed?


It would give them the freedom to change things as they saw fit, a liberty I entrust them with, while, as a HoH, I would retain my capability to edit the club if I did not approve of a change or had an additional change to implement. It wouldn't lessen my involvement but instead serve to further their capacity for involvement.

Ah, ok I see what ur saying. Sounds like a good idea when you put it like that.


I sincerely can't wait for this function to be introduced, I have no additional feedback but I really need this :')


I'm HoH and I really need this too. xD


I agree with this function! Not as a HoH but just as someone who has a member club. Creating a club with people while only having 1 person to rely on is hard. Having 3 persons who can edit the club and ajust it seems like a great idea to me!


SoMe NL has a club that includes members, so we keep people active and happy (and this attracts new people!)
But my fairly odd berry is the admin, when she suddenly leaves no one can change a thing and we lose a very valuable asset to keep things fun


That would be nice we have a puzzle everymonth and sometimes I can'tpost it on the club in time if an other admin from the club who started the club with me can post it would be better.

Clubs realy need co admins.


Yess! On World of Potter NL we have a club for the Quibbler and Daily Prophet combined, but it's very sad that we can't co-host it, because that takes a way a lot of abilities with the club. This idea would help a lot! :)


I can see how this would be a very helpful function! Would love to see this!


Just wanted to bump this and mention where else it might be useful - on UK, we have a joint club for the DP and Q where ideas and resources are pooled by ordinary users and information on guest articles etc are all in one place. At current, only one CE can be in charge and admin rights have to be exchanged back and forth between the two CEs whenever one wishes to edit their sections.

Having a co-admin feature would allow both of us to make our edits without having to request a changeover from the MoM each time. It may only be irritating in a logistical sense, but having a feature to give us equal rights at once would be very useful here.