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I like Kybjosh's idea of it being a status. Something like "Excelling Student" where they are technically a Year 1 but can behave as a Year 2 in terms of skill and knowledge.

I agree. I think Management level staff should also still be able to create clubs for free for their teams and such.

But that would be the responsibility of the Leader to only appoint admins they trust. I know this would be really helpful for me as a HoH because I could allow both the Captain and Co-Captain of my Quidditch Team to edit our club instead of just one of them.

I would be worried there won't be enough graduated members to get four full teams together...

This already exists as a function on the 'Marauder's Map'

With edit history, anything offensive is still there until the post is removed, even if they change it. If someone finds something offensive, they should know to take a screenshot, especially if they're staff. That way if it's edited, at least people aren't continuing to see it and that person can still get in trouble for it. Even if they change it before it's screenshot, we would know to keep a more watchful eye on that person's posts. With that in mind, I think an edit history option would be counterproductive to keeping the site clean and safe.

I believe this idea was already declined once before

How exactly would it be slowed? Are we talking about delayed posting of messages or a timer in between messages?

Maybe also add a SPOILERS disclaimer or something for those who like having to look around for it?