"Where is the Large Shovel"

Chloe Lovegood 7 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 4

The most commonly asked question, one we older users have learnt off by heart to answer, is 

"Where may I find the large shovel?"

Now, to begin with, this may seem like a strange way to layout an idea. However, I propose that in the guidelines section there is an area showing where a user can buy every item on site with a link to the shop. It could be done in the following way: 


-> Mister Mugglers Trash and Rubbish (https://worldofpotter.com/shop/6cfdd850-e207-49f2-9ac5-037d225707c1

  • Rubber Duck 
  • Ubmrella 
  • (Insert more Items)

-> Madame Sprouts Botanical Shop (https://worldofpotter.com/shop/06e82eac-69f1-41a3-935d-3b11d8a7eee8

  • Large Shovel 
  • Blue Flower Pot 
  • (Insert more items) 


Diagon Alley: 


And so on. Not only would this convince users to continue to read the guidelines, it also lessens the weight on them being so lost on the site. 


Maybe also add a SPOILERS disclaimer or something for those who like having to look around for it?


That would be brilliant! :D 


I have a list exaaaactly like this... but it's Dutch because I made it for the NL site ;_;


You can now click on the item that is required for the class and it takes you to the right shop automatically.