"Infected" Status

Alex, Arrow, Nathaniel, Lukas 7 years ago updated by World of Potter 5 years ago 7

On World of Walkers, change the term "Banned User" to "Deceased" or the like to continue with the theme of TWD. Also, a status of "walker" or "infected" could be added for competitions in which they have the power to attack and kill/eat/bite other users and turn them in topics. It could work by die rolling, such as how duels on WoP work.


I like the Banned User -> Deceased idea, but having a status that can spread to other players even if they don't want it to seems excessive..


So have it in topics and people only need to join the topic if they know they are at risk of being turned


you ahve the wrong feeback age, this is world of potter, not world of walkers. that aside

terrible idea, a status should be fun to have and not make people terrified of you. a better idea would be to have the status "immume" to play with i think


The feedback on World of Walkers still redirects to the World of Potter feedback ^^ just throwing that in here


I like the banned idea and the status could be fun, but only if you can't turn other people..


Banned users should not be mentioned and having them as "Infected" could encourage this.