Punishing Bad Graders Should Take Away Housepoints

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When an AT punishes a student for giving a wrong grade in an assignment that has been complained about or has varying grades, the student should not receive the 5 points for having helped grade the assignment. Honestly, they should probably have 10 points taken away so you are not only taking away the reward but also actually punishing.


I think you shouldn't punish them, unless they are being rude or grading bad on purpose. Sometimes it is just a matter of opinion and you grade it to the best of your knowledge. Some people give everyone an Outstanding, and if you are the only one who graded it as should, you would get punished since your grade varies from the rest?
If you want to do something about the problem, better nog give the 5 points, just 0. But I wouldn't punish people, unless they are rude or give everyone bad grades on purpose like I said above :)


The problem is if they are being rude or grading poorly on purpose there is no mechanic to punish them currently. There are currently only two options: to approve the grade they gave or "punish" it, but punishing hasn't appeared to take away points when I've looked at it. Sometimes people give the wrong grades without realizing that the assignment needs a different one, such as when the material is plagiarized. Naturally, these students aren't punished. However, for those students who simply copy and paste grades of Outstanding regardless of the assignment, there needs to be some kind of consequence that prevents that method from becoming regular. Taking away Housepoints for that would create a risk involved with poor grading techniques that hopefully would dissuade speed graders from employing that tactic. The punishing is not for the graders who tried their best but graded incorrectly in the end, it's for the ones you mentioned before: "[those who] are being rude or grading bad on purpose."


I agree with this idea but I think they shouldn't all be punished for grading incorrectly. Sometimes people accidentally leave the grade on Acceptable or (when on their phones) it doesn't change to the grade they actually wanted to give. In this case I think the 5 points they received for gradinng should be taken away but no additional punishment is necessary for making a mistake. Grading badly on purpose of course does deserve a punishment


I agree with you Lucy, but I saw there is a topic planned for the problem with the automatically 'Acceptable' grading:

So I think that problem will be solved. :D


could we also raise a complain against the one grading and not the final grade somehow? 

For example if we believe he does not read it but just copy paste grades?

would it be possible for someone to check last 10 homeworks graaded by that person and see if they just copypaste grading or not?


I get ur point, but I could be afraid this would make it even harder to work as a assistant teacher


thank you for your inputs :D

 As a newbie at the bottom of housepoints trying to change it I appreciate them. they are helping me to understand and find other ways 


Me as an AT I can say if those feedbacks are just copypasted or not.

On WoP DE we have a guideline how to grade a homework. If the feedback does not hit the guideline a student is warned once (I accept the grade but write an owl in which I explain how a feedback should look like).

In our AT club we write the names of people who wrote an incorrect/meaningless feedback with a screenshot so that ever single AT can see it. If it happens again and again we punish them.

Since then copypaste feedbacks are less than before.

If I remember that correctly the students already recieve a punishment. They lose those housepoint and galleons they got for grading the homework. And they lose 5 points extra. Otherwise I cannot explain how some students can have -5 points in the houspoints list.

They lose the points they had earned for grading the assignment (ex. They started at 20 points, earned 5 more for grading and are at 25, then after they were punished, they lose the 5 they earned and go down to 20). 

This suggestion is saying that rather than only taking away their original reward, they take away 10 points as the punishment (ex. They started at 20 points, earned 5 more for grading and are at 25, then after they were punished, they lose the 5 they earned, plus an additional 5 for grading incorrectly, taking them down to 15 points.)


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