special jobs for grown ups without teacher (or above) status

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i am a grown up on the dutch site. sadly i dont have a job and to be quite honest, i dont feel like i can do all that much anymore. im not usefull for the site, but since i cannot make topics all willynilly around hogwarts i feel that my options are limited.

the solution would be to make something like "the world outside" but with a different name, for example, the ministry. there you can RP with other grown ups and have jobs like auror or something like that. the job descriptions would be the same as the corresponding student job (IE auror and backstory team.) but since you are grown up you have a different title, i think this would make the site for people with the graduated status but dont have a job (for whatever reason) more attractive because they can actually do something again.

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I think it would be better to have those as subsections within the World Outside

You can just RP that you have the job that it is you want. You don't need a job or a status for that, so just write whatever it is you want in your profile and then RP in the World Outside.


Grads can still get "student jobs" to get paid. If they want to have a job such as an auror or a shop owner, they can state that they have the job ingame.

I knew there was a post made before about this and here it is:


The idea has already been rejected by the site. Sorry loves.