Staff Unable to Work While Fainted

Agnes Dupont 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 5

Even as a staff member, it is possible to forget to check your hunger and thirst bar every once in a while. And while fainting is generally harmless, it can be very frustrating to not be able to do your job for an hour. It would be nice if AT's could still fix homework issues while fainted, Prefects could still view topics, etc. That said, I understand it could be difficult to make all those separate adjustments, so maybe we could consider making staff members not faint? I don't know if there's an "easy fix," but I don't think fainting should prevent workers from their jobs.


How exactely was this fixed? Because I fainted a few days ago as a staff member. I could go to the owlery which surprised me but I wasn't able to look after anything else. :/


Wow, late to the party... But as far as I know, you're able to access the admin panel while fainted now. But there are still some things that aren't able to be checked as staff..

The admin accessibility was what was fixed so staff can still access the most important things.